Find the song lyrics 10

1) I have no time to tell my love
2) I have been waiting loving and loving
3) with your hitting eyes, don't see me*2
4) I will there for you even give my life for you
5) who gave the new perplex in my eyes
6) stealing one by one
7) it's gonna rain, it's drizzling
8) I asked the air to stand still
9) I don't understand the words of eyes
10) I heart is playing hide and seek in love love love
1) en kadhal solla neramillai
2)kadhal vaithu kadhal vaithu kaathirunthen
3)paakatha ennai paakaatha kuthum paarvaiyaala ennai paakatha
4)unakena irupaen uyirayum kudupaen
6) ovondrai thirudugiraai
7)mazhai varapoguthaey... Thuligalum thooruthaey
8)katrai konjam nirka sonaen
9)kan paesum varthaigal purivathillai


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