Infertily 🌼🌼🌼

infertility??? Means a men or women unable to become parents after their one yr of married life. Ok nearly 10 among 4 couples are unable to become parents . You know why ????? We say straightly that the wife have some problems in uterus that's y they don't have child . But that's not only real reasons . See uterus is a bag which carry a baby right ,so apart from uterus what is the real scientific reason. ?☺️a women unable to ovulate correctly means there might be issues in egg growth there might be immature egg or the egg does not get rupture on correct days. Once egg ruptured it live for 24 hrs within that 24 hrs men's semen has to catch it ,means sperm of a men should also be quality one which has nearly 20 million count and also have motility power to reach the egg. So once egg and sperm meet at correct time. We say it as pregnancy. Yes this is wat called pregnancy. So if we are infertile what u have do it, analyse ur problem through various test ,so u ll get an idea about what is your exact problem, go treatment according to that. And also don't behind with english treatments like iui and ivf procedures immediately. First try out with natural medicines from Ayurveda sidda or homeopathic ,since it ll be helpful for you to recover ur problem permanently.


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